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MA lighting is globally known as the market leader in professional lighting control solutions. Their current GrandMA2 solutions can be found in venues across the globe and are widely considered the go-to lighting control application from small events to those that make a global impact.

The new concept will exist next to the very popular GrandMA2 Series and is aimed to mid-size rental companies, clubs and theaters, houses of worship and education.

While a lot of brands offer products in this segment, dot2 offers an innovative HUI & will deliver “premium” products in this market segment.

dot2 will be the perfect entry if you have always been curious about MA Lighting products but haven’t had the chance to get your hands on one just yet, while existing GrandMA2 users will be happy to find the MA Lighting familiarity and ease of use in a more compact solution.


The dot2 system brings an intuitive operating style to suit all users, while featuring specialist features for various lighting disciplines.

It’s a full tracking backup system with plug and play hardware, scalable to everyone’s needs.

The all-in-one hardware is designed to be compact and lightweight, doesn’t require any external devices since all connectivity is on-board and each unit packs a touch screen.

The dot2 solution benefits from MA’s core values, better known as MA DNA. It was designed on decades of experience in developing intelligent lighting control solutions. The hard- and software are rock-solid and reliable and users can rely on MA’s Industry leading support.

dot2 core

The dot2 hardware line-up is built up around the “dot2 core”. This base product features two touch screens. Fader-wise you get six 60mm faders, two 100mm faders and a Grand master. The surface further has four encoders, a level wheel and 12 silent button executors- all backlit.

The unit comes with a switching power supply (120/230V, 50/60Hz) making is suitable for global operation. Connectivity ports included three USB, DVI-D, 100MB Ethercon and of course a plug for the desk lamp. dot2 core can handle up to 4096 channels, has four DMX outputs, and a single DMX in, MIDI i/o, timecode and analog input.

Expand your reach - Add wings

A pro player can always rely on his wing-men, and so can the dot2 core. MA Lighting offers 2 compact but powerful expansion modules for dot2; “F-wing” and “B-wing” respectively expanding the amount of faders and buttons.

F-wing adds 14 60mm faders and 16 button executors to the system, while B-wing delivers 48 button executors. Both units feature a beautiful touch screen and Ethercon connectivity. A maximum of 4 wings can be added to each dot2 core - 2 of each model.

What’s also interesting is the option to have a larger console as an all-in-one solution; “dot2 XL-F” packs a dot2 core and F-wing in a single chassis, while dot2 XL-B combines the dot2 core with a B-wing.

“Program” inside, but “think” outside the box

dot2 represents more than shiny new hardware, it means a completely new operating system. As with the GrandMA series, dot2 is also available as an onPC version, offering full programming functionality on the go, and available as a free download on from the beginning of April.

While dot2 onPC doesn’t send out any channels, it can be used with the wings. Just like the dot2 core, 4 units can be hooked up simultaneously (2 F-wing and 2 B-wings) to add the control you need. dot2 onPC can be used as backup for your flagship system or you can run a show when pairing with the dot2 Node4.

The dot2 Node4 adds four DMX outputs to your onPC system through a single Ethercon connector and allows you to send 1024 channels. Up to 10 units can be used simultaneously.

In addition to the dot2 onPC operating system a full 3D companion is available with dot2 3D, and the dot2 fixture editor application allows for an easy and fast way to do fixture libraries. The latter will be available for windows and mac. Both are available for download on beginning April.

UI and Operation

The dot system is designed from the ground up with “ease of operation” as the key factor. As such, the aim is to deliver a system that allows minimal set-up time by Patch and Go.

The intuitive graphical user interface ensures you have a clear overview, and the rig at your fingertips with direct fixture control. If you ever get lost the integrated user guidance and “direct hints” will get you back on track in no time.

dot2 packs a number of clever tricks, such as the ability to capture your designs with “Store Look” and the ability to access generic fixture functions via “Smart Dialogue”. Elegant playback is guaranteed with “Track & Shield” and an “Auto-Unblock” feature, while “Auto-fix” manages your Automated playback pages.