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The Cultural Centre of Auderghem was looking for a new lighting console. “The new lighting console needs to be easy-to-use by the technicians of the theatre but also by the visiting theatre groups.” Says Mathias, Head of Technical Services at CC Auderghem.

“Besides being easy to program for theatre, the cultural centre has also programmed lots of live shows and rock and roll gigs. CC Auderghem has some automatic lights and PAR LEDs in use.

The technical team was invited by to discover dot2 at FACE during a demo session. It doesn’t take long to be clear dot2 would be the perfect fit for the team of Auderghem. The possibilities of the console, the easy-to-use software as well as the good value for money makes it the perfect lighting console.

“By going through the different models of the dot2 range, we decided to choose a dot2 XL-F and an F-wing. In this way, we have a compact lighting console and if needed a fader to extend the console. With dot2 we’re on a platform which allows us to create tremendous shows rather fast and which will offer us great possibilities in the future.”