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MA Lighting, manufacturer of the dot2 range of lighting controllers are releasing a new version of their software. The update allows users to use the platform’s first DMX universe completely free via either Artnet or sACN. This instantly makes dot2 compatible with a wide range of affordable hardware solutions on the market.

This enhancement of the dot2 onPC significantly lowers the barrier for anyone entering the simple yet clever world of the Dot2 product family.

Koen Ceulemans, dot2 trainer at FACE explains: “The update represents a big move forward for customers looking to enter the MA Lighting platform, and more specifically the dot2 domain. It is such a powerful platform and with this new feature even more people can explore the possibilities, without having to place a significant investment. Lighting operators can dive straight into the dot2 platform, explore the world of Ma Lighting and control a small rig. This update is also wonderful news for schools and training centres. It allows them to bring dot2 into their education package and makes adding dot2 courses to their programmes very affordable."

dot2 is the go-to platform for concert/touring, theatre TV and architainment/club scene and today’s update only brings even more functionality in user’s hands.
Next to the above mentioned features, the release also contains additional pre-defined position effects and several important bug-fixes.

Grab the dot2 update from the MA Lighting dot2 website, and check out the tutorial videos on the MA dot2 blog

For more information about dot2, reach out to Koen Ceulemans