Dommelhof Neerpelt adds ETC ColorSource PAR LED

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Dommelhof Neerpelt recently added ETC ColorSource PAR LEDs to the lighting setup of their venues. Part of the spots will be used as a fixed installation in the “Atrium”. The remainder will be used as a flexible addition to the lighting rig in the “Schouwburg”.

As the time was right for an upgrade to their existing lighting rig, Dommelhof Neerpelt went looking for some new lighting equipment. One of the venues is the “Atrium” which is primarily used for Rock ’n Roll and Jazz events and occasionally for theatre shows. Therefore, the lighting equipment needs to be applicable for a wide range of applications. This led them to the ETC ColorSource PAR LED spots.

Dommelhof Neerpelt bought 36 ETC ColorSource PAR LED spots of which 8 will be fixed in the smaller “Atrium” room. The remaining 28 units will be mobile spots and will be used to expand the lighting system in this room or to add more flexibility to the larger “Schouwburg” room’s existing setup.

“The ETC spots are very user-friendly in comparison to our classic PAR spots. Previously, it took us a lot more time to change colors of the different spots separately. In the past, we used additional RoboColor Pro’s for effects. Now, this is all possible with the ColorSource PAR LED spots – they’re a lot more ergonomic to work with”, says Tom Vandermeulen, Head of Technical Services at Dommelhof Neerpelt.

“Before, we needed 4 spots to create a similar result we now arrange with one ETC spot. Especially the LED color-mixing with a twist of lime makes it possible to do so very easily and the ETC’s turn out to be very good value for money. The features make these fixtures suitable for a wide variety of shows. This is ideal since we host everything from music show to theatre in the ‘Atrium’”, continues Tom.

The spots were first used for the “Theater op de Markt” show and the crew was very satisfied with the overall possibilities. They’re looking forward to use them in more elaborate shows.