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Visual Productions has added a solid-state lighting controller in the CueCore family. The QuadCore, with its upgraded CueluxPro software, is a powerful lighting controller for clubs, exhibitions, museums, theme parks...

‍The QuadCore is a solid-state lighting controller in the CueCore family. The QuadCore features 2,048 DMX channels across 4 DMX outputs. Because of its flash memory it’s possible to store numerous dynamic DMX shows. Various shows can playback simultaneously and independently from each other.

The QuadCore includes a 4-universe license of CueluxPro. The software supports using more QuadCores together which makes even a big production possible. Next to its own software, The QuadCore supports the use of other software and protocols like Art-Net or sACN, and is compatible with the VisualTouch software. VisualTouch is a touch screen user-interface which works on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can program buttons and faders in the QuadCore which will be available for the operators using VisualTouch.

CueluxPro allows events to be properly scheduled by an agenda function which features weekdays, date, time, sunrise, sunset and daylight saving time. When using multiple QuadCores only the master unit has to be programmed, while others in the network will automatically sync. Just like it’s smaller brother the “CueCore”, The QuadCore is designed to operate without a computer.

In short, Quadcore is the perfect lighting controller for permanent installations including architectural lighting, art installations and bars, clubs or restaurants. Even exhibitions, museums and theme parks will be perfectly controllable by this smart and compact solid state lighting controller.


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