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Youth centre Spin in Dessel was looking for a new and affordable audio system with an improved audio quality. ASD Sound & Light Service provided the youth centre of Martin Audio speakers and Powersoft amplifiers.

ASD Sound & Light Service is a company from Dessel, specialised in professional audio-visual products for rental and installations. ASD and some volunteers of Spin Dessel came by at FACE for a demo session of Martin Audio’s CDD series. Both ASD as well as Spin Dessel were impressed by its great sound and dispersion. They selected two CDD15 speakers, two CSX218 subwoofers and the DX0.5 audio processor.

The CDD15 is a very high-power, passive two-way system ideal for medium to large rooms. The Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology employed in the CDD15 delivers more consistent audience coverage than systems with fixed X° x Y° coverage patterns. With only 2 loudspeakers it’s possible to create a wide horizontal coverage close-up, perfectly fitted Spin in Dessel.

The CSX218 achieves the ultimate in subwoofer performance for the most prestigious CDD Series applications – delivering very high output levels and superb transient performance with minimal distortion. When used with CDD full-range systems, crossover and EQ functions can be performed by the DX0.5.

The DX0.5 is an affordable loudspeaker management system which delivers EQ, crossover, processing and system protection. The DX0.5 2x6 speaker processor provides complete optimisation for all CDD loudspeakers. Benny Vanleuven, CEO of ASD explains: “The CDD Series is the perfect solution for this venue and with the DX0.5, we optimised the loudspeakers as a function of the room.”

In addition to the CDD Series, ASD installed an M20D and an M30D Powersoft amplifier. They both are an outstanding value in any smaller to medium sized sound system where an efficient, compact and powerful amplifier is expected to work reliably over a long period. Jeroen Willems, Account Manger Audio at FACE adds: “The amplifiers sound really transient in the high frequencies and the high damping factor of the amplifier takes care of a warm and steady sound of the low frequencies.”


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