D'Angelico EX-175 approved by Hooverphonic at Lokerse Feesten

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Hooverphonic was one of the headliners at Lokerse Feesten 2016. Hooverphonic played a great show at the mainstage on Saturday August 13 where Raymond Geerts, guitarist of the band played his D’Angelico EX-175 guitar.

Lokerse Feesten is a 10-day festival in Lokeren that provides a great mix of Belgian and international artists. The show at Lokerse Feesten is the only festival show of the renewed Hooverphonic in Flanders. It’s Hooverphonic’s seventh time at the festival where they let you dance at one point but also serve you with some touching songs.

One of the guitars Raymond Geerts used was the D’Angelico EX-175, the only D’Angelico archtop equipped with a Bigsby vibrato. With a strong, crisp low-end and a fiercely cranky high-end, the EX-175 is made for the new rock edge. The Bigsby allows for anything from glassy shimmers to warped dizzy-spells, while the roller bridge guarantees stable tuning.

The EX-175 is resilient to feedback and can be pushed harder than most archtops while still maintaining clarity. Its ultra-slim taper neck makes for supreme comfort, whether you’re blazing through gained-up note-heavy licks or carefully articulating fingerpicked lines.

Raymond about his D’Angelico EX-175: “The EX-175 is a lovely guitar which sounds really great and on top of that it’s a beautiful looking guitar as well.”

Photos by Geert Van de Velde

Raymond playing his D'Angelico EX-175

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