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d3 technologies - the London based company behind some of the smartest Media servers around have selected FACE as their distribution partner for the BENELUX.

d3's technology allows designers and operate to control projector simulation, manage sequencing and content mapping. Their tools bring realtime 3D simulation and advanced playback with flexible output configurations. Full show integration, backup and support combined with d3Net allow you to plan, simulate and execute shows like you never imagined before.

Karel De Piere- CEO of FACE explains: "We are a full-service provider for the entertainment industry, and d3 fits in our portfolio perfectly, complementing our existing line-up for the professional AV market. We feel like there is tremendous potential and demand for the products that d3 offer, and FACE is committed to be the perfect distribution partner to bring their solutions to the BENELUX market.

d3 is leading in technology - This is a vision that extends our own corporate strategy, so we are very confident in this newly found partnership."

d3 delivers cutting edge soft- and hardware solutions for simulating and designing your entire production, from 3D models and advanced processing, to large format (up to 4 x 4K) video output for live shows.

What makes d3 Technologies unique is that they build their entire solution around a streamlined workflow that enables all parties involved in your production to get around the table and make the right decisions.

Their intuitive tools enable designers to populate venues, props, LED video screens, projectors, cameras and lighting for their show designs, and add video's or images with d3's advanced content mapping features, all while staying in sync across multiple d3 hardware.

Fons de Vreede - Sales representative at FACE comments: "d3 has been used in some of the most complex shows around the world, and is leading in integration with other professional visual solutions. Their tools are the perfect match for some of the products we already have on board at FACE. It's a complete solution that enables our customers to bring all aspects of their production together."