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Parkstad Limburg Theaters was looking to expand their current amount of DI’s. The great quality and operational capability of their current Radial DI’s made them look for more of these. An USB Pro, a Pro AV2 and several JDI Stereo DI’s were added to their spectrum.

Parkstad Limburg Theaters as well as their visiting theatre groups are very satisfied with the Radial DI’s they use at the moment. The very clean, large headroom and wide bandwidth signal path in comparison with other DI’s is very remarkable. Luc van den Berkmortel of Parkstad Limburg Theaters: “We already have several Radial JDI’s in use but most of the time we need some extra DI’s. With some extra JDI Stereos and additionally an USB Pro and a Pro AV2, we fulfil the needs of our visiting theatre and music groups.”

The Radial USB-Pro is a high-resolution stereo digital audio converter (DAC) and direct box that is designed to connect to any computer system to seamlessly transfer digital audio to analog. A stereo pair of balanced XLR audio outputs with adjustable level control then feeds the signal to a microphone preamplifier, PA system, mixing console or even a powered speaker. Made for plug and play simplicity, the USB-Pro will automatically be listed as an available sound card in the audio settings in all popular operating systems.

The Radial USB-Pro in a nutshell:

  • High performance 24bit digital audio converter
  • Ready to use without the need of a driver
  • 3.5mm analog headphone output to check signal
  • Balanced Lo-Z outputs with switchable isolation

The Radial ProAV2 is a passive direct box specifically developed with the audio-video integrator in mind. The ProAV2 delivers two discrete channels where full stereo functionality is required. To eliminate the need for various adaptors, it’s equipped with a 'Swiss Army' array of connectivity options including 1/4" inputs for instruments, RCA and 3.5mm (1/8") connectors for CD players, iPods, video decks and computers.

The Radial ProAV2 in a nutshell:

  • 'Swiss Army knife' direct box for multi-media
  • Easy to use, ultra-quiet passive design
  • Eliminates ground loops that cause hum and buzz
  • Handles huge transients without distortion

The Radial JDI Stereo is a passive stereo direct box designed to handle extreme signal levels without distortion of any kind. Unlike an active DI that is limited by the buffering amplifier's rail voltage, the JDI employs a pair of Jensen audio transformers that at once balance the signal and lower the impedance to drive long cables. No power is required. You simply plug in and it works. The magic comes from the amazing Jensen transformers inside. Jensens are legendary in their ability to gracefully handle transients while delivering a smooth, warm sounding Bessel curve, reminiscent of the finest vintage gear. Ruler flat from 10Hz to 40kHz and with virtually zero phase deviation, the JDI Stereo delivers the natural, pure sound of the instrument without artifact. In addition to converting the unbalanced Hi-Z signal to low, the transformers also serve to isolate the input from the output, essentially filtering out stray DC voltage that can cause noise and lead to so called ground loops. This allows audio to pass while eliminating problems.

Luc van den Berkmortel from Parkstad Limburg Theaters and Reinier Bruijns, Account Manager Audio at FACE

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