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Spotlight designs and manufactures professional lighting equipment for the entertainment and architectural lighting industry. The Cyclorama LED 300 RGBW is one of their powerful fixtures out of the Greenline range.

The Cyclorama LED 300 RGBW is a powerful beam with 300 watts RGBW LED, which gives you the possibility to generate an infinite range of colours. You won’t have any dark filter fading during shows, because the colours are generated directly by the light source. 

Even in the quantity of luminaires as well as in power you’ll have significant savings. Instead of Cyclorama Halogen, which uses 12 000 watts, 3 Cyclorama LED fixtures will only use a maximum of 900 watts. For extra soft dimming, it has an 8 or 16-bit control of RGBW.

Extremely wide horizontal beam

Floor and ceiling mounting

The Cyclorama LED has an extremely wide horizontal beam, approximately 6 meters per fixture, which means you only need 3 fixtures to arrange a cyclorama of 12 meters with a height of 7 meters. Thanks to this great extension in height and because of the mounting clamp, you can use the fixture from below and from above.

 A DMX set up of a full cyclorama can be perfectly managed because of the possibility of connecting more fixtures as master and slave.

Main technical features

  • Power: 300W at 100-240V
  • ‍DMX control with RDM function
  • ‍8 or 16-bit control of RGBW for extra soft dimming and colour mixing
  • ‍selection up to 16 millions of colours
  • ‍selectable “CCT White control” from 3000 to 6500K
  • “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow” possible set up, compatible with subtractive colour systems
  • ‍“Hue and saturation” possible set up
  • ‍“Slave and master” possible set up for quick control of large installations
  • Powercon connectors in and out for faster installation

 Photometric data

*At full RGBW colours

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