CC Sandweiler Luxembourg updates sound system with O-line, Powersoft and XTA

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For Cultural Center Sandweiler in Luxembourg the time was right to upgrade their existing sound system. After contacting Claude Schokmel of S-PLS they chose to work with the Martin Audio O-Line and CDD Series, powered by Powersoft M-Series amplifiers and XTA CD1048 processing.

Cultural Center Sandweiler was looking for a new installation in their polyvalent hall. The venue is mainly used for seminars and occasionally for theatres. They wanted to reuse the existing wiring because of the difficult install situation. Claude Schokmel already did an installation with O-Line in Cultural Center of Bonnevoie and they were very satisfied. The venues are equally sized and they both needed the same utilizations so this made it convenient to chose for O-Line again.

Claude Schokmel of S-PLS installed 2 Martin Audio O-Line arrays with 12 cabinets per side. The O-Line delivers consistent audio coverage with excellent accuracy in a wide variety of architectural environments. Only one amplifier channel is needed to drive an array. “The O-Line array integrates very well in the area of design and acoustic. A previous customer was very satisfied because of its quality so it made the choice easy”, explains Claude.

For the low end of the sound system, S-PLS installed two Martin Audio CSX118, a compact and high performance subwoofer. In the foyer they installed 4 CDD8 loudspeakers. They can be used separately from the main system or in delay with the main system. Because of its small size but high output capability, this ultra-compact two-way passive loudspeaker system is the perfect choice for the foyer.

The entire installation will be powered by an XTA DC1048, a Powersoft M14D and to Powersoft M30D’s. The DC1048 installation audio processor offers full matrix mixing and a palette of EQ functions. Powersoft M Series amplifiers offer a range lightweight amplifiers that can fit any type of installation.


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