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Cultural Center De Werft in Geel was looking for a new light console. FACE demoed a MA Lighting's dot2 concept and afterwards Music Vanderheyden won the tender to deliver a new dot2 lighting console.

A few months ago the technicians of CC De Werft in Geel took there first dive into MA Lighting's dot2 console, at FACE. In the meantime, they were working on their old lighting console but were looking for a new one. The dot2 left a good impression so they were happy this console came out best in the tender.

“Dot2 is the perfect lighting console for small and medium projects and venues. The console is compact and very accessible what makes it excellent for CC De Werft”, explains Koen Ceulemans, Light Consultant at FACE. Dot2 has an advanced functionality and is easy-to-use. With the dot2 software the lighting console is easy to operate and makes it possible to fully prepare your show on a computer.

To operate the console to its full potential the technicians of CC De Werft are going to participate another hands-on FACEacademy session to learn the ins and outs of dot2.


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