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Forget about the standard toroidal transformers - DC Factory is a fully digital switch mode power supply that contains 5 fully isolated & separated 500mA power-supplies in one box.

With the constant addition of very 'power hungry' digital pedals on the market, we designed the DC Factory to address that very need.  Highly powered and totally noise free, the DC Factory doesn't take up too much real estate on your pedalboard and literally weighs about 2/3 of a kilogram. To meet these goals, we had to forget about the standard toroidal transformers and design a fully digital switch mode power supply!  The benefits go beyond ample power, the size and weight are reduced and most importantly, there is no radiation of hum to Wah pedals or certain analog drive pedals.

Inside the attractive grey anodized housing are 5, 100% isolated and separated,500 mA power supplies, four with two 9v DC output jacks, and 1 with two 12V DC outputjacks. These 10 output jacks supply a massive 2500mA of pure clean power foryour effects. Most digital pedals require somewhere between 300-400mA of power,and your standard analogue pedals somewhere around 20-50mA, so you have the optionto run up to 5 analog pedals and 5 digital pedals simultaneously! On top ofthat, using the voltage doubler cable, you can plug into 2 DC Outputs (as shownin the diagram) for 18V of power! Pedalboard mounting: The DC Factory is fineto use on any pedal board or on its own, but it is also compatible with PedaltrainPT-VDL-MK (mounting brackets not included).

Need To Know For Retailers

  • Modern switch-mode powersupply: lightweight, compact, stable & sturdy
  • Contains 5 separated &isolated 500 mA power-supplies in one box
  • Provides 100% clean power –guaranteed noise-free operation due to specific design-concept
  • 2500mA total current forpower-hungry digital effects
  • 10 DC Outputs (8x 9V, 2x12V, voltage doubler option for 18V operation)
  • Worldwide compatibility:100 - 240V
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