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The Carl Martin Octa-Switch, already a legend in the guitar effect switching world, makes a triumphant return in its' smallest and most advanced form yet.

The fourth version, named “The Strip”, is the smallest and most advanced, taking all the technology used in the first three and adding some amazing features that make the Octa-Switch “The Strip” the most versatile and simplest all analog switching pedal on the market!

All things that made Octa-Switch a global success

Octa-Switch models have received rave reviews throughout the guitar world and awards from companies like Premier Guitar!

At first glance, Octa-Switch “The Strip” has all the well-known features from the other models. There are 8fx loops that can be programmed into 8 banks.
The loops are all true bypass, impedance free gold relays so you can run all your pedals without issue. The main input can be true bypass, or it can be switched to buffered for large stages or long cable runs. The 2 Outputs can be used as a Stereo Out, or in a dual amp set-up and are totally free assignable to the 8 banks.

What’s new on “The Strip”?

Loops 6, 7 & 8 can be removed from the front-end signal chain and put into an amplifier’s FX loop, without sacrificing one of the 8 loops. Therefore, we added a dedicated input and send jack for this section. The Bypass/Mute switch can operate as an overall bypass to the unit or mute the signal.

There are 8 blue LEDs that indicate which of the 8 loops is being used, and 8 green LEDs that indicate which bank is being used. Each bank (Preset) allows any combination of the 8 loops being used simultaneously. The 4 external switches can be used for switching amp channels, reverb, boost, or any other device that offers external switching, also freely assignable. Another feature is the instant access switch, which allows to add/remove any of the 8 loops within a bank, without changing the actual preset.  

Easy MIDI Switching

“The Strip” is the first Octa-Switch to feature simple and easy MIDI switching. It sends out program change messages for the respective banks of the Octa-Switch. Programming the Octa-Switch is easy and follows the “what you see is what you get” approach.

Pete Thorn presents Octa-Switch “The Strip”

Carl Martin Octa-Switch "The Strip" is available now!

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