Can Visual Productions Cuety be used as a controller for ImageCue?

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FACE bvba is distributing Visual Productions lighting control solutions and the ImageCue media server in Belgium. Visual Productions did a research if Cuety could be used as a controller for ImageCue.

Visual Productions has created a special ImageCue personality file and a show file for controlling the ImageCue media server. When transferring these files to Cuety, you are able to control your ImageCue media server or combine control of your lighting rig and the ImageCue. When using Cuety on your iPad, you have all ImageCue controls at your fingertips. Research showed that Cuety is an excellent solution for controlling ImageCue.

Visual Productions Cuety

Cuety is a new generation lighting controller that turns your iPad into a powerful lighting console. Easy to use and budget friendly, Cuety enables you to take full advantage of the iPad’s mobility and multi-touch display. The controller has full support for moving heads, LEDs, conventional lighting and DMX controlled special effects. The system consists of:

  • Cuety App, the actual programmer software that runs on an iPad (and macOS/Win/Linux);
  • Cuety Remote App, a remote control app for controlling Cuety using an iPhone or iPad;
  • Cuety LPU-1 hardware platform that contains the engine, renders the shows and outputs DMX, Art-net and sACN. The LPU-1 is controlled by Cuety and/or Cuety Remote
  • Cuety LPU-2 hardware platform, which is similar to LPU-1. It can be controlled by Cuety and/or Cuety Remote or by 3rd party control systems using the network protocols TCP, UDP or OSC.
Cuety LPU-2


ImageCue is a compact, easy to use image server that provides control of full HD stills and videos with only 12 DMX channels. It comes with a library of 255 images and users can add up to 65.000 image and video files. ImageCue features overlay of PNG images, full RGB mixing control of foreground and background, output dimming and adjustable fade timing. Content is output on HDMI or DVI with the supplied adapter.

ImageCue media server

Visual Productions has created the cue lists which contain the DMX values that control the various functions and selections within the ImageCue media server. These are activated using the playbacks. When operating ImageCue with Cuety, intensity playbacks can be controlled using the intensity fader. Playback name and actual cue (status) are indicated on the playback button. The available playbacks and their functions in the document at the end of this post.

Using ImageCue with Cuety

Once personality and show files have been imported in Cuety using iTunes, you are able to control ImageCue with the Cuety and Cuety Remote for iPhone or iPad. When using Cuety, remember the intensity faders may be used when the blue bar is placed on the lower playbacks bank. Also, for releasing playbacks, remember to press and hold the playback you want to release.

Since Cuety Remote does not feature intensity faders, we have mapped a series of intensities as cues in the playbacks. When using an LPU-2, you are able to control Cuety with 3rd party equipment or to create your own user interface. Various programs are available that can send OSC or UDP commands across the network, thus activating functions of Cuety. Examples are TouchOSC by and Lemur by Liine.

Cuety and Cuety Remote are free downloads, available from the Apple App Store. Cuety is also available in macOS, Windows and Linux versions for programming on desktop or notebook computers. Since Cuety was developed as an iPad app, due to iOS standards, minimum vertical resolution for using Cuety on a computer is 1080 pixels.

Cuety UI: ImageCue controls in Cuety

Available files

Following files are available for free, please contact the Visual Productions team if you would like to use these files.

  • ImageCue personality file for Cuety
  • ImageCue personality file for Cuelux
  • Cuety show file for controlling ImageCue
  • A TouchOSC file will be added later

List of playbacks/ ImageCue controls & Mapping of ImageCue DMX profile to Cuety programmer


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