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The team behind Bitstream Visuals has their main focus on video capturing and projection but to improve their full service package they wanted to have full control with their own light and audio equipment.

Content creator, live and event video supplier, corporate videos, you name it…. Until now! Bitstream Visuals, located in Ghent, has its main focus on video capturing and projection. To offer full package deals on events Bitstream used to dry-rent all sound and light equipment.

 “Video is, and always will be our main focus” says Lieven Depoorter, Founder of Bitstream. “As part of our full service we want to offer our clients the best service we can deliver, every time at the same level. Therefore we had to step out of our comfort zone. To be able to offer our customers not just a good service but an excellent and complete service we wanted to have full control with our own gear and equipment. Having our own set of audio and light will help us in this battle to perfection” he continues. “We are happy to go to the next level by adding sound and light to our portfolio. ”Bitstream’s main gadget lover and video wizard, Bavo Loccufier contacted Koen Ceulemans at Face in search of lighting and sound solutions.

“We did some tests with a variety of consoles. As light is not our main focus, we wanted a console that was straight-forward in its way of operating and use. The MA Lighting Dot2 is a great match to our needs. An easy-to-use console that offers more features than we currently need." Regarding their needs for audio equipment, the Bitstream team wanted a reliable and high-end solution for corporate events up to 800 people.

“FACE did not came up with a list of products, but a concept based on expertise. A proposal that meets our requests but taken in account that we are no sound technicians.” Hugues Rogie designed a whole concept based on 2 cables. Network and power. A Dante network was the way to go. Luminex at the core of the network, which also can be used for the light and other systems at Bitstream. A Yamaha QL-1 and a Tio stage box provides full control without too much complexity. To have the right amount of quality output of the system a full active Martin Audio system with 8 CCD-Live 8’’ speakers was combined with CSX-118 subs.

Bitstream Visuals takes full controle over light & Sound on events