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BenQ Business solutions consists of screens, projectors, whiteboards and smart signage. A great addition to the range of pro solutions we are already offering!

The world is reshaped by display technology and with a leader of this transformation in our portfolio, we are able to offer all display solutions for today's and tomorrow's needs.. BenQ its vast product offering forms the foundation of a wide range of integrated solutions that deliver unique and expansive display experiences.

We will have a clear focus on Meeting & Education, Creative Leisure and Commercial applications.

Meeting & Education

Whiteboards, projectors, monitors, and video walls are all part of the solutions BenQ can offer through the FACE PRO department.


Managing multiple displays simultaneously over a local network is child's play with the Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software. You can create display schedules with on / off times across multiple or single displays in a system, or quickly swap content on displays, either individually or by group. MDA offers a complete solution for managing multiple displays from one central point making it ideal for control rooms or broadcast applications.

Creative Leisure

To create interactive installations or unique visitor experiences, the way you bring content to life is essential. With video walls or projection of BenQ and with the support of FACE PRO you can handle your next project in any theme park, cultural centre or theater. 


In stores and malls, shopping has changed over the years and interchangeable content is key for today's and tomorrow's shopping experiences. This is why BenQ is offering screens that were made especially for retail installation with Double-Sided Signage that can engage clients on both sides simultaneously, unique, long-structure Bar-Type Displays or showcase products with BenQ’s all-in-one Transparent Box. Craft inviting atmospheres with stunning projection mapping powered by BlueCore Laser Projectors which can deliver superior image quality.

More info will follow soon.


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