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Behringer announces the release of the latest version 1.12 firmware for the X AIR Series mixers, which adds tactile control of your entire mix with X-TOUCH Universal Controller.

This latest update allows users to achieve tactile control of their X AIR mixer via MIDI or the built in Ethernet port. While X AIR is already compatible with iPad and Android tablets for wireless remote control, X-TOUCH provides 9 moving faders with: LED scribble strips; 8 rotary encoders; FX send/return with individual parameter controls; assignment and adjustment of Mute Groups/DCAs and AutoMix channels. Comprehensive Gate/EQ/Dynamics and transport controls are also included for the 2-Track USB player/recorder on XR16 and XR12 models.

Additionally, X-TOUCH can simultaneously accommodate DAW control via Mackie Control and HUI protocols – for the ultimate digital recording setup.

New features:

  • ‍Enables remote control from Behringer X-TOUCH control surfaces and MCU
  • ‍Supports X-TOUCH controller connectivity via MIDI or Ethernet/LAN
  • ‍New MIDI CC dump request (hex B0 7F 7F) allows requesting X AIR mixer state
  • ‍All standard MIDI CCs are sent out upon loading a snapshot and powering up


  • ‍Dual-XTEC EQ5 effect default setting changed to on
  • ‍DCA level meters are changed to pre-fader now
  • ‍MIDI CC status of internal mute groups corrected

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