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A new Babee is born! Vezzpa is an extreme octave stinger. A thick, modern sounding fuzz with an aggessive, wild high-octave. Bee ready to get high on honey tones.

As the name states this is no ordinary bee. It’s actually a wasp, a nasty and agressive one with an op amp heart that can produce an extreme high pitched buzz. The Vezzpa contains two modes: FUZZZZ & STINGER.

  • FUZZZZ: Big wall of thick, modern fuzz. Great for the coolest riffs and power chords. From "spitty fuzz" to "gated super high gain"
  • STINGER: Harmonics on crack best defines it!t Agressive high octave fuzz that cuts through the mix.

The Vezzpa features a digital multi function switch which allows you to select between the modes or access them momentarily giving you multiple options to buzz!

Need to know for Retailers

  • Nasty, modern Fuzz with switchable, aggressive high-octave
  • “Harmonics on crack” defines it best
  • From “spitty fuzz” to “gated super high gain fuzz”
  • 2 Modes: FUZZZZ & STINGER (High-Octave activated)
  • Multi-function-bypass-switch: on/off, mode switching, monentary mode
  • Get sick Wah-/Whammy-type sounds when using momentary-bypass-mode
  • Made in California, USA

The Vezzpa is already in stock & available to Beetronics partners throughout Europe. Don't bee late and get yours now!


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