Bas Zwerts goes for mobile Martin Audio WPM system

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Bas Zwerts is getting ready for the summer! Bas tours as audio engineer for Stan Van Samang, Dries en de Belgen and Sandra Kim. He was looking for a compact and fast to install set to use in all theaters and small open air concerts.

FACE congratulates Bas with the purchase of his set, consisting of 16 Martin Audio WPM speakers, driven by the powerful DSP of the IKON81 amplifiers. Because Martin Audio does full FIR calculations on the fly, we get an even dispersion of sound from the first row to the last row in theaters. When playing in open air, these 16 WPMs are good for sound with impact up to 45 meters away. Also essential, the complete set occupies 80 cm of cargo space in his van and the setup can be installed or dismantled with 2 men in 2.5 minutes. The software allows them to register a room in 5 minutes with spot on results for the best acoustic result. The carts are an ingenious design by Renée Geeraerts, adapted for the Martin Audio WPM series. Bas already had experience with this system and therefore had no doubts about choosing it for this new setup.

Thank you Bas for improving the audio in Flanders!