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Ayrton has a strong reputation when it comes to innovative LED lighting products. Every fixture has a typical Ayrton design signature and stands out in various ways. We listed some main features of products shown at last year's Prolight+Sound to show you why the little differences are crucial. We're looking forward what they will bring us this year. Visit the Ayrton booth at Hall3, Level 0, Booth G81.

World’s largest collimator and a 2° full beam

Ayrton’s high-efficiency 126 mm diameter PMMA optics is the world’s largest collimator. This new and proprietary lens distinguishes the “XT” product line. These fixtures have a beam aperture of 2° full beam and centre-beam luminous intensity of 580 candelas per lumen. The Intellipix XT and the Magicdot XT are the first two luminaires which are equipped with these features. 

The Intellipix XT is a refined and evolved version of the original Intellipix R. The Intellipix XT is also fitted with nine ultra-powerful LED emitters but coupled with 126 mm diameter optics in a square of 50 cm by 50 cm. With a highly precise coupling accessory, this luminaire can be perfectly positioned and a highly adjustable yoke system makes sure the Intellipix XT can be assembled at every surface.

The Magicdot XT is a radical variant of the revolutionary Magicdot R. The Magicdot XT has the same features as the Magicdot R, including ultra-rapid movement and continuous, unlimited, rotation on pan and tilt. The 2° full beam and centre-beam luminous intensity of 580 candelas per lumen makes a six times greater efficiency than the Magicdot R.

The emitted light beams are a concentrated light with high-intensity colours. The edges of the light are nearly parallel and it seems they are never going to stop. The only consequence of these 126 mm optics is, the mix of the RGB colours are a little less for some pastel colours farther away from the lens, but this will be unnoticed for most applications.

Intellipix XT                                                                                  Magicdot XT

94 mm zoom

Next to the 126 mm optics, the 94 mm optics also stand out because it compensates the difference in power by adding a long expected zoom, which is now implemented in the Magicblade SX and the Magicdot SX.

The Magicblade SX has 5 next-generation RGBW high-output LED emitters and can each be controlled separately to create virtual lighting scenes or to highlight architectural structures on stage. The Magicblade SX features a state-of-the-art short-stroke zoom with a 10:1 ratio for a wide zoom range from 4° to 40°. The zoom has no visible moving parts and is fronted by a 94 mm-diameter fixed frontal lens. Add an unlimited pan and tilt rotation and an exceptional colour quality, and you have all the ingredients for an abundant and energetic light show.

The Magicdot SX also profits a 94 mm diameter collimator and a revolutionary 8:1 optical zoom that has a fixed transmitting lens, no visible moving parts and an incredible zoom range of 5° to 40°. The short-stroke of the zoom system permits the Magicdot SX to switch from intense beam mode to sweeping wash mode virtually instantaneously. The Magicdot SX looks like a small fixture but has the capability of the bigger ones.

Magicblade SX                                                                                        Magicdot SX