Ayrton is about to Push the Envelope yet again

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Ayrton are at it again. Just like in the past years, the French brand is teasing with some fresh developments and new products in anticipation of a release at the upcoming Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

We've seen them popping up last year as well - a series of teaser images and video's, in which the brand shows off what seem to be new creative LED lighting solutions.

Taking into account that the images we saw last year were the first glimpses of what we know now are the amazing Ayrton Radical Series LED fixtures, we know that we will be in for a real treat again this year in Frankfurt.

By now we know that the project names do not refer to the actual name of the products we can expect to see, but this year most shots also include a title and some specs.

Ayrton A70 Project
Ayrton A47 Project

The first series of images feature close-ups of what is described as "Ayrton A70 and A47 Project". The shots are both tagged "XT Series 2° - 580 cd/lumen.

Another Project is titled Ayrton A97 Project, and listens to the name SX Series and mentions "Zoom 10: 4° - 40°

The last image of the series is Capped Ayrton A64 Project mentions "Conceptual Multi rotational Luminaire.

Ayrton A97 Project
Ayrton A64 Project

To test our patience even more, Ayrton has also released a teaser video of the A70 Project. The video itself doesn't reveal more information about the actual build of the product itself, but sure shows that this again will be another fixture suitable to execute whatever creative lighting designs you come up with.