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CITC FX is a manufacturer of innovative special effects equipment. The Aquamax Hazer is a certified organic water-based hazer which was used in try-outs for Emma Bale and Black Box Revelation at De Singer in Rijkevorsel.

Black Box Revelation played at Rock Werchter on Friday July 1st, and was doing a try-out at De Singer in Rijkevorsel. Black Box Revelation is a Belgian pop-rock band which consists of guitarist and singer Jan Paternoster and drummer Dries Van Dijck. Since their debut in 2006, they played at every Belgian festival and with a tour and recordings in the US, they are nearly known all over the world.

Also Emma Bale passed by for a try-out for her summer tour. Emma Bale is a 16-year-old Belgian singer songwriter who participated at The Voice Kids in 2014. She didn’t win the show, but got an amazing start with her version of Kodaline’s “All I Want”. In the beginning of 2016, her new single “Fortune Cookie” with Milow, is breaking the charts.

For both try-outs as well as for upcoming shows, FACE installed an Aquamax Hazer to create a warm atmosphere.

CITC has created brand new technology that will allow for 2-hour, long-lasting, water-based, 100% certified organic haze to be produced in a quiet haze machine named the AquaMax MP. For years, water-based haze machines produced a haze that didn't last long, thereby costing thousands of dollars in haze fluid each year. For years, oil-based haze fluids have received a bad rap for leaving residue on lights and (expensive and sometimes rare) instruments.

Now for the first time, AquaMax MP answers both of those concerns by producing a long lasting, two-hour haze without any of the residue worries of an oil-based machine. And on top of that, the haze is completely organic. The machine never needs cleaning and has built-in fans to spread the "healthiest haze on earth" faster and better than ever before. Vocalists but also the public will profit from this healthy haze. Best of all, the AquaMax MP is super conservative on haze fluid. Lastly, the haze produces very small particles and therefore is extremely dry. The unit includes timers, remotes, and DMX. The machine also has a low electrical requirement and a very quick heat up time.

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Photos by Martine Goetschalckx