Vari-lite VL 4000 BeamWash as part of the impressive decor for comedian Alex Agnew

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The latest show ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ kicked off in Sportpaleis Antwerp with 3 sold out shows of 15.000 visitors.

Alex Agnew is a stand-up comedian with an unvarnished view on society. He does not perform calm, deep-intellectual humor, but rather represents society's critical comedy in his very own rock ’n roll fashion. He relentlessly expands weaknesses, in such a way that they become hilarious. Often painfully recognisable! During his shows he tells well balanced stories going from self-mockery to minority stereotypes and more general insights in community issues. With his vocal talent he ads another layer to the jokes by making Dolby Surround kind of noises to invigorate the plots.

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His latest show ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ kicked off in Sportpaleis Antwerp with 3 sold out shows of 15.000 visitors each. These arena shows were the kick off for a theater tour of more than 100 shows from september 2019.

20 Vari-lite VL 4000 BeamWash moving heads operated by Kristof Blancquaert from TCF brought color and movement to the impressive stage. An unparalleled visual branding of the stand-up comedy show resulted in a spectacle for visitors never seen before. The full setup with lasers, LED screens and illuminated fans called for high output moving heads to complete the look. The VL 4000 BeamWashes have a wide open lens making them function as set pieces.

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Without the need to change lenses, the VL4000 BeamWash combines stunning wash capabilities with intense beam functionality and the ability to produce a powerful collimated shaft of light. In a venue of this size is really where these powerful fixtures come to life and can be used to the fullest! Furthermore the key lights consisted out of 4 VL4000 spots operated by an automated tracking system.

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The show ran on a GrandMA 2 and disguise server.

From FACE PRO we’d like to congratulate the whole team involved!

Producer & Manager: Manu Van Heuckelom (

Production Manager: Simon Fierens (Mundomatic)
Set Design/Light Design: Manu Van Heuckelom / Kristof Blancquaert
Light operator: Kristof Blancquaert for TCF
3D Programmer: Jelle Keizer for TCF
Showcaller: Christophe Van Hostauijen
Motions: WIcreations
Video content: Sam De Buysscher (Toyfactory) and DB Video
Video Animation: Pixel Gorilla
Follow-Me: B.V. Followspots ID2Q
Special FX: Dewico Vuurwerk
Lasers: Astral Lasertechnology bvba
Video facilities and recording: DB Video
ELtape: Epix Light
Light, Sound & Video supplied by DEE Sound and Light and AED group
Photos: Picturesk