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Once upon a time… Plopsaland De Panne, one of Studio 100’s three Belgian theme parks uses some advanced solutions in the Prinsessia Castle. In line with the park’s innovative mindset, FACE installed the new and superior Martin Audio CDD series speakers in combination with Powersoft’s new Ottocanali 4K4 8-channel power amplifiers.

Earlier this year, FACE already installed a brand new setup Plopsaqua- the park’s water attraction. This time around it’s the new Prinsessia Castle, modelled after the set of the children’s television show, which is brought to life. It’s also the next step in bringing the entire park’s systems together.

Royal sound for the castle

The Prinsessia Castle, opened just in time for Halloween – one of the busiest periods in the year for the park. The new attraction, featuring five singing princesses is the first application of the new CDD (Coaxial Differential Dispersion) series.

Inside the castle restaurant FACE installed a setup with 6 CDD6 speakers and local iPod input, as the room will often be used for presentations. The main banqueting area and the surrounded VIP room, toilets and a merchandising shop are covered by eight C4.8T ceiling speakers.

Merry-goes-round on 100V

A running 100V line with custom weatherized CDD5TX speakers was installed on the brand new merry-go-round ride outside. Steven Kemland, Manager of FACE’s Project Division says: “Prinsessia provided a great opportunity to use the new CDD range. In previous installations we heavily relied on C115 speakers.”

In this setup we only needed to use a single CDD5 placed higher up on the pillars, instead of placing two C115 speakers on small masts. Due to the CDD’s absolutely great dispersion, better power and an excellent pattern control, they are the perfect fit for this project.

Power for the CDD’s

Driving the Martin Audio CDD series, FACE has used Powersoft’s new Ottocanali 4K4 DSP+D 8-channel power amplifiers with innovative signal processing and double digital Dante streams. This incredibly versatile solution is also adopted in other locations throughout the park and controls 16 sound zones, which are again split into more than 100 sub-zones.

Steve Van Camp, part of the Plopsa Invest Team explains: “In the past we had a big amplifier rack with several amplifiers in every zone. Since we are using Powersoft, we can run 16 channels on a single 16A power supply and place them in the IT rack. We now have DSP and amplification on a single platform. Combined with the Dante networking, which integrates seamlessly with our existing NION setup, this results in a perfectly tuned solution in every zone and sub-zone.”