April 9, 2024

Vectorworks ConnectCad: Schematic connection diagrams for System Integrators and the connection with 3D

Discover the power of Vectorworks with the ConnectCad module, perfect for creating schematics and linking them to the 3D world. Ideal for system integrators and AV designers, this session covers setting up documents, placing devices in a 2D schematic environment, creating connections, generating lists, and linking 2D schematics to the 3D world, including efficient rack layouts.

Besides the fact that Vectorworks can draw and model, the ConnectCad module can create schematics for cabling, equipment and link them to the 3D world.
Especially recommended for "system integrators" and (technical) designers of AV installations. This could be your ideal alternative to Stardraw, Omnigraffle or Visio.

Covered in this session:

  • Setting up the Vectorworks document correctly.
  • Placing Devices in a 2D, schematic, environment.
  • Create your own Device with the correct connections
  • Connecting connections.
  • Producing lists (what is now connected to what?).
  • Linking 2D schematics to the 3D world.
  • Rack layouts

Maximize your session experience by bringing prior Vectorworks experience to the table. While knowledge of the Spotlight module is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

This session is taught based on the English-language Vectorworks 2024 + ConnectCad

This training is free of charge and will take place from 10h00 till 17h30 on Tuesday April 9, 2024. 

Dutch spoken session.

Bring your computer.

Lunch will be provided.


Remco Teunissen

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FACE Academy Centre, Hoek 76 - Unit 301, 2850 Boom, Belgium
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