April 11, 2023

Vectorworks Basic Training

This Vectorworks Basics course is a crash course on your CAD-program basics. Absolutely no previous knowledge is required to follow the course. You will be introduced to Vectorworks' workspace, basic functionalities and tools to present your ideas to your clients.

We will start the day with drawing in 2D. How can you use our tools to draw out your plans in 2D?

From 2D you will then be guided into easy 3D-modelling and bringing your design to life.

In the afternoon we'll see how you can easily use resources and libraries to give both your 2D-plan and 3D-model a nice personal touch.

Then we will finish the course with a short overview of "designlayers" and "classes" and how you can easily make a nice presentation to show your clients.

This course does not yet focus on our spotlight functionalities, but sets a good baseline of knowledge on the general tools and functionalities of Vectorworks.

This training is free of charge and will take place from 10h00 till 17h00 on Tuesday April 11, 2023. 

Dutch spoken session.

Bring your computer.

Lunch will be provided.


Annelien Saliën

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FACE Academy Centre, Hoek 76 - Unit 301, 2850 Boom, Belgium
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