August 5, 2021

Armoniaplus Workshop

Get trained to fully deploy all the creative & technologic functions within Armoniaplus. Speaker management control, multi source and zoning mixing features all combined with handy user interface options. Powersoft is about so much more than just power!

Our audio specialist Neel Swinnen will guide you through the ArmoníaPlus software. This session will focus on Live applications and practical use cases so you will be able to take full advantage of the platform afterwards.

The new ArmoníaPlus version brings more than what you’d expect from a software update and therefore the time is right for a dedicated academy session. The software redefines what the Powersoft amps can do, delivering plenty of new features and streamlining the ones that have been available up to now.

Live Sound projects maintain in the same structure as before, while Install System projects reflect the needs of system integrators for sources and zones management, and allow the creation of fully customisable user interfaces and controls in the new ‘Views Designer’.

We will go over the new features within version 2.1 including dynamic routing.

  • WM Touch Support
  • View Host services supported in the Workspace
  • View Host dedicated tab
  • Improved support of Multiple Workspaces
  • The Global Bar is now available on the Live Skin
  • Sort zones and groups at the touch of a button
  • New Gain and Mute shortcuts
  • Web Views support multiple pages
  • Convert Live project to Install project
  • New pop-up window showing the status of the system controls

The session will take place in the FACE Academy in Boom, in Dutch.

Starting at 10h00 until 17h00

Please bring your laptop, lunch will be provided.

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Hoek 76 - Unit 301 2850 Boom Belgium
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