October 5, 2021

Led in theater, the difference is in the red

Discover the ETC Source Four Led Series 3 and Desire Fresnel with the renewed X8 led engine.ETC's latest top range of theater LED spots.What's new? Well, red is finally red. X8 now also has a Deep-Red on board to achieve even better results.

Discover hands on what the new ETC Source Four Led Serie 3 and Desire Fresnel can do for you.

Koen Ceulemans (FACE) and Robbi Nassi (ETC) take you through the process of LED conversion in your theater.

With the inclusion of deep red LEDs, they've extended the usable spectrum of light, to bring you a dramatic level of richness. These LEDs restore the longer wavelength reds that exist in tungsten sources. Deep red will bring depth and nuance back to your stage designs, fabrics, scenery and artists.

The Lustr X8 Array combines Green, Lime, Blue, Indigo, Cyan, Amber, Red and Deep Red! Ideal for users seeking impeccable white light and seemingly endless colors.

These fixtures will be compared in our showroom to traditional tungsten models and ETC Source Four Series 2.

This session takes place from 13h00 - 16h00

Products involved:
ETC Soure Four Led Series 3
XDLT lenses
ETC Desire Fresnel

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