Hands On Visual Productions

Visual Productions provides software and hardware technology for the entertainment and architectural lighting industry. In a hands-on session you will learn the different possibilities of these next generation lighting controls.

Visual Productions is a strong brand with various high-tech, in-house developed, control solutions for intelligent, LED and conventional lighting equipment. The software applications and hardware devices are designed with a strong emphasis on usability, resulting in user-friendly lighting control products for installations, TV settings, DJs...

You will discover their different products and their possibilities in three different sessions. The sessions will be given in Dutch or English.


Tuesday 29/03 - 14h-17h30
  • Cuety LPU-1
  • Cuety LPU-2
  • TouchOSC
Wednesday 30/03 - 10h-13h
  • CueCore
  • QuadCore
  • B-Station
  • IO Core
Wednesday 30/03 - 14h-17h
  • Cuety LPU-1
  • Cuety LPU-2
  • TouchOSC


Maarten Donath

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FACE Academy Room Hoek 76, Unit 301 2850 Boom
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