March 12-13, 2020

Broadcast Event Hilversum

SSL: “AoIP: The current state and the future roadmap"

Solid State Logic will give a presentation on the latest audio over IP developments as SMPTE2110-30, AES67, Dante HC,  partly on the innovative implementation on the System-T. On Friday, we also invited a Wysicom RF (CANCELED) - specialist to give a master class about complex wireless systems in demanding broadcast environments. All of this in sessions that take about two hours. Afterwards there is time to ask in-depth or case specific questions.

Due to the coronavirus, we unfortunately have to cancel the Wisycom Masterclass. We are planning the Masterclass on a new date. More information soon.

This session will be in English

               SSL: AoIP: The current state and the future roadmap"

  • What is the current state of affairs?
  • What about linking up on an existing infrastructure?
  • Case studies of existing installation
  • Roadmap for the future
  • How does SSL fit the model of evolution and development of the relevant standards?

               Wisycom: "Masterclass Designing Complex Wireless Systems"

  • What are the challenges facing more complex - wireless setups?
  • What are the (new) possibilities for complex setups such as RFoF and RF Matrix systems?
  • How do you design a complex antenna system?
  • Case studies of existing projects


               Thursday March 12

  • Session 1 SSL:  12h30 – 14h30 “AoIP: The current state and the future roadmap"
  • Session 2 SSL : 15h30 – 17h30 “AoIP: The current state and the future roadmap

               Friday March 13

  • Session 1 Wisycom: 10h - 12h “Masterclass Designing Complex Wireless Systems" - CANCELED
  • Session 3 SSL:  12h30 – 14h30 “AoIP: The current state and the future roadmap"


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To participate, reach out to Glenn Willems

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