September 26, 2018

Wireless Survival

How do you set up a wireless production in a confident way? What is radio and how does it behave?... You'll find out all about it on September 26, 2018. To join this seminar, you can subscribe here! Participation is free.

Glenn Willems will give you a comprehensive answer on all of these questions. He will guide you through the process of a wireless production and will provide you of some do's and don'ts. 

This seminar is a must for audio, broadcast and theatre technicians who are getting started with wireless audio. If you already use wireless audio on a daily basis, our 'Legislation and spectrum management' seminar is probably more suitable.

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  • Introduction to radiowaves, detailed information on the parts of a transmission system
  • Most common causes of interference
  • Do’s and Don’ts when setting up and using wireless equipment

The seminar is the perfect opportunity to connect with peers and get your questions about wireless solutions answered.

The event takes place at Wednesday September 26, from 13h till 17h

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Hoek 76 - Unit 301 2850 Boom Belgium
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