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Sales Channel Fulfilment for MI
FACE RETAIL is a pan European sales company handling a wide range of MI oriented brands throughout the EMEA region. The company acts as a sales channel fulfillment center, for brands that want to distribute into the European MI market in a more controlled, efficient & dynamic manner. 

Based at the central port of Europe
Our company, based in the center of Europe, offers logistics, warehousing, sales & marketing, service and support solutions. Our departments are able to provide a business platform that benefits dealers and business partners alike. 

Always connected
Our e-commerce platform is open 24/7 to deal with the ordering/service process, real-time availability information and product related information. It creates an ‘easy to connect’ business environment for our customers / partners. 

With a personal touch
Our back office team is always there to take direct calls for urgent issues.
Swift processing, shipping orders fast and cost efficiently are our key goals to ensure customer satisfaction.
If you're an MI retailer looking for a dealership for one of our brands, feel free to reach out to us



Because you have a ‘different’ way of looking at the world
As an AV professional you have specific needs from your supplier.
Your specific application demands knowledgeable advice. What suits your needs, answers your creative inspirations, your technical specifications and fits your defined budget… We listen to understand. We strive for long-term customer satisfaction.  

A prime selection of products
At FACE we realize that different tools are needed for diverse applications. Therefore our partnership with multiple industry leading brands gives you a wide choice of AV products for your job, your investment. 
Our product specialists and service department is always ‘just a phone call away’. 

Because Technology matters, training is essential
For our professional customers community we’ve created FACE Academy. Through constant workshops, seminars and hands-on training we make sure that you use your equipment to the fullest. It’s also a great environment to connect with your peers. 

One stop shop for Professional AV
FACE PROFESSIONAL offers a complete package of hardware, knowledge & services for AV applications in entertainment, architectural & communications. We guide you through the process of selection through to the final implementation. 


The sum is more than its’ parts
FACE PROJECTS is your partner for AV system integration. 
We consult, deliver and implement complete AV projects from small to large, connecting audio, light & video. This includes rigging and automation.

Connecting technology & application
System integration is about interconnectivity of technology and user experience. Our AV experts at FACE have a long track record of making things work ‘together’ in theaters, museums, public spaces, schools, theme parks and everywhere where sound/light & video is needed.

Part of Building Teams
We cooperate with contractors as AV specialists to materialize the ideas of architects, designers and consultants into sustainable projects who last the test of time. We pro-actively collaborate from the first sketches of a design to the build of the final ‘system’ connecting multiple industry standards into a desired configuration… We can make it happen.

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